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Thatcher Demko2020 Playoffs Commemorative Collection

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Rookie goaltender Thatcher Demko had a historic playoff run vs. Las Vegas, pushing the series to a deciding Game 7.
From his first career playoff start with his team down 3 games to 1 to top-seeded Las Vegas, Thatcher went on to record a .985 save percentage and a .64 GAA in the series, ranking him first all-time among goalies with a minimum of three starts.
PhygiCards has partnered with Thatcher and top artists to commemorate his record-setting performance with a special release of trading cards and NFTs.
Through their own incredible style, our team of artists created unique, eye-catching looks for these trading cards and NFTs.
Thatcher is proud to support the BC Children's Hospital and their programs providing expert health and mental health care for the most seriously ill or injured kids across all of British Columbia.
A portion of Thatcher's proceeds from the sales of these trading cards and NFT's will be donated to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

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Thatcher Demko trading card

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Each of our NFTs come with the physical copy of the trading card. Each card is embedded with an NFC chip so that when scanned, it will return the blockchain information associated with its matching NFT. PhygiCards is the first trading card company to link physical trading cards to their matching NFTs. Proof of authenticity, proof of ownership.
The NFC chip embedded in each of our trading cards also allows collectors, upon scanning the card, to get additional information on the athlete, the artist, and the print run.
PhygiCards - the next evolution of trading cards.

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Scan your trading card to get more information about the moment in time we are commemorating, the athlete, the artist and the print run. Confirm authenticity of your card by performing this scan.


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Meredith Radebaugh

Collector - Vancouver, BC

I was on the edge of my seat when Thatcher started game 5 vs. Las Vegas. I was nervous for him since he had never started a game in the playoffs before. My hopes weren't very high since Vegas had been outplaying us and were up 3 games to 1. Thatcher's performance was amazing! These cards are amazing! I cannot wait to collect all 4 and watch Thatcher in the playoffs again soon.


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