PhygiCards LLCPhysical NFT Trading Cards

"Phygital" is the concept of using technology to bridge the physical world with the digital world to provide unique interactive experiences.

We are a few traditional card collectors who are excited about evolving the trading card industry into a new generation of physical NFT trading cards.
We create art-based trading cards, commemorating special moments in athletes' careers. Our artwork is created by world renowned sports artists with exceptional capabilities in capturing the essence of the athlete and the moment.
Each trading card is embedded with a NFC chip, allowing collectors to scan their trading cards for more information about the athlete, the moment, the artist and print run of the card. This also serves as a method of authenticating the card as all of our cards will have an NFC chip. If your card doesn't scan, it's not authentic.
Each Phygicard we create on the blockchain will come with the physical card the NFT was created from. The physical card will be embedded with a NFC chip that when scanned, will populate the blockchain listing of the NFT, proving authenticity, token ID, edition and ownership. The first company to link NFTs to their physical twin!
We work directly with athletes and artists, bringing a new flavor to trading cards and NFTs to give collectors and fans an evolved way of connecting and collecting.