Calling all NFT Owners and Collectors!

Calling all NFT Owners and Collectors!

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to unlock the full potential of your NFT and use your commercial IP rights? Look no further! PhygiCards is thrilled to offer you the chance to feature your NFT in our exclusive trading card sets.

How it Works

Selection Process

PhygiCards will carefully identify NFT projects to feature in our themed sets and accept applications from the community of NFT owners who share our passion for collecting and trading cards.

IP Rights Agreement

Once selected, PhygiCards will execute a Commercial IP Right Sublicense Agreement with you, granting us permission to use your NFT character on our cards.

Inclusion in our Sets

We will release sets that could include multiple PhygiCards of your character, including base cards, parallels, inserts, chase cards and 1 of 1's.

Earn Royalties

Every time a PhygiCard featuring your NFT sells, you will receive a 20% royalty of the initial sale! BONUS: You'll also earn 20% of PhygiCards creator royalty on secondary market sales.

Seamless Payments

All royalty payments will be made via smart contracts, ensuring a hassle-free and transparent process.

Exclusive Creator Card

As our valued partner, you'll receive an exclusive 1 of 1 Creator Card made specifically for you!

Why Choose PhygiCards?

Industry Leader

We are pioneers in merging NFTs with physical trading cards, offering a novel and exciting experience for collectors worldwide.


Our team are all former Upper Deck employees with over 50 years of combined experience in the trading card industry.

Fair Royalties

We believe in fairly compensating our partners, and our royalty structure ensures you earn what you deserve.

Strong Community

Join our passionate community of NFT enthusiasts and trading card collectors.

Enhanced Visibility

Your NFT will reach new audiences, both online and in specialty retail stores, increasing its visibility and prominence in the market.

Creative Collaboration

Our team of designers will bring your NFT to life in a whole new way.

Don't miss this exclusive chance to monetize your NFT and explore a world of new possibilities with PhygiCards!
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