2024 PhygiRewards Program

2024 PhygiRewards Program

Welcome to the thrilling world of PhygiRewards, the ultimate reward program for PhygiCard enthusiasts! As a member of this exclusive club, every PhygiCard in your collection is not just a treasure, but a ticket to fantastic rewards. With PhygiRewards, the more PhygiCards you gather, the more entries you unlock in our exhilarating monthly raffle draws.

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PhygiRewards for 2024 PhygiCards Genes1s Series ZERO

PhygiRewards for 2024 PhygiCards Genes1s Series ZERO

We are excited to bring you the first trading cards of their kind! While we build out the Marketplace for collectors to sell and trade their PhygiCards (coming Q2, 2024), your PhygiCard automatically includes you in PhygiRewards. Be sure to TAP your PhygiCard every week to see if you earned any PhygiRewards!

Monthly Prizes, Giveaways and Promotions could include:

  • NFT's
  • Discounts
  • Apparel, Trading Card Supplies
  • Tickets and More!

Also included with your purchase is Allowlist inclusion to purchase 2024 PhygiCards Genes1s Series 1 release, with an option to receive a $25 discount.

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