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Innovating for the Future

At PhygiCards, we're not just building a product; we're crafting a dynamic ecosystem that grows and evolves with time. Our roadmap is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. With each step we take, from our initial PhygiCards release to the launch of the PhygiMarket, we've paved the way for a future rich in possibilities.... View More

Oct, 2021

  • First PhygiCards Released: 2020 Thatcher Demko NHL Playoff Performance Set (Non-NFT), showcasing PhygiLink TAP Ecosystem

June, 2023

  • $100K Pre-Seed Funds Raised

Oct, 2023

  • Letter of Intent from Edge Sports Management, a certified NHLPA agency, to offer PhygiCards and the TAP Ecosystem product opportunities to represented athletes

Dec, 2023

  • Partnership with Elevate Pictures, a leading transmedia entertainment company, incorporating PhygiCards TAP Ecosystem into future Brand/Product offerings

Jan, 2024

  • PhygiCards Thatcher Demko Promotion with Pastime Sports, showcasing the TAP Ecosystem

Feb, 2024

  • PhygiCards Genes1s Series ZERO Launch

Q2, 2024

  • PhygiMarket Released - Buy, Sell, Trade PhygiCards!
  • PhygiCards Genes1s Series One Release/Drop

Q3, 2024

  • PhygiRewards Program Launch

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