PhygiCards Genes1s Series Zero

PhygiCards Genes1s Series Zero

Get ready to revolutionize your collection with PhygiCards - the cutting-edge fusion of physical trading cards and digital innovation! Each PhygiCard is uniquely paired with its own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Twin on the blockchain, ensuring unmatched authenticity, ownership verification, and rarity insight.... View More

PhygiCards Genes1s Series Zero - SET DETAILS

20 Card Set. 5 Characters (Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, Quirkie, Killabear, Lazy Lion)

Each Character Contains:

  • Red Foil Base Card
  • Green Foil Insert Card, Limited Edition of 25
  • Purple Foil Parallel Card, Limited Edition of 9
  • Blue Foil 1 of 1 Insert Card, Limited Edition of 1

When you select and purchase your favorite Character or Random (could be any Character), a PhygiCard will be randomly selected, meaning you could receive one of the Insert or Parallel Limited Edition PhygiCards!... View More

  1. 1st ever PhygiCards Series ZERO, a physical NFT trading card you can hold!
  2. Your PhygiCard includes its NFT twin, available to Mint and Link when our innovative PhygiMarket is completed in Q2 2024.
  3. Automatic entry into our PhygiRewards Program, providing monthly giveaways & promotions. Just tap your card to see what it reveals! Prizes include NFT's, discounts, allowlist spots, apparel, trading card supplies, tickets and more!
  4. Option to receive a $25 discount and Allowlist inclusion to purchase PhygiCards Genes1s Series 1 release.
  5. Preferential consideration for our Creator Community.

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